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Products List

Products List

Ampoule washing device Ampoule feeling and sealing Aseptic cabinet
All glass distillation set Abbey refracor meter Atomic models
Auto clave Activity Cage (Act Photometer) Anal gesio meter
Aeration tube Ball mill motor driven Blender
Bottle filling machine hand operated Bottle filling machine electric Bottle sealing machine
Burner different types Bulk density apparatus Burette
Binocular microscope different types B.O.D. incubator Conical peculators
Collapsible tube filling machine Collapsible tube sealing Centrifuge machine electric
Charts (human physiology) Charts Pharma cog nosy Colony counter
Conductivity meter Cube mixer Compartment Dryer (Tray Dryer)
Die & Punch Set (For Tablet Machine) Disintegration test apparatus Dissolution test apparatus
Distillation still Double unit organ bath Dehumidifier
Double cone blender Electro-convulse meter Emulsifier (homogenizer)
Electronic stimulator Friability test apparatus Frog board
Flame photometer Fume hood Fluidized bed dryer
Filtration equipment Hot extraction equipment Hand grinding mill
Hand refractor meter Histamine chamber Human skeleton
Heating mental Hot plates Humidity chamber (environment chamber)
Incubators Incubator shakers Industrial mixing stirrer
Kymograph paper Kymograph assembly complete Kjel dhal distillation unit
Laminar air flow Leak testing apparatus Laboratory jack
Lab system analyzer Motor driven disintegration Medical microscope
Mixing vat with stirrer Magnetic stirrer Melting point apparatus
Micrometer Microtome Mechanical flask shaker
Ointment spatula Ovens Operation table
Over head projector Oil bath Ointment / cream filling machine
Polishing pan Photoelectric colorimeter ph meter
Platform balance Physical balance Pole climbing apparatus
Planetary mixer Powder mass mixer Rabbit cage
Rabbit holder Rota road apparatus Rotap shifter
Suppository moulds Student organ bath Simple lever
Student microscope Serological water bath Super centrifuge
Stability ovens (vacuum ovens) Sigma mixer Spectrophotometer
Smoking burner Smoking stand Super speed kymograph
Spiro meter Tincher press Tablet machine hand operated
Tablet coating pan Tablet hardness tester Tablet counter device
Tube crimping and sealing machine Thermostatic bath Tripod stand
Triple roller mill Tray dryer U.V cabinet
Vacuum pump Venires caliper Vortex shaker
Venous canola Water deionization Watch glass
Wrist action shaker for flask    

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